P-nasty a dude who wears moon boots and pink mittens and often gets hammered off blue light.
Look at that drunkguy with those weird shoes on he's such a Mikey p
by hcjvknibh December 17, 2013
A group of homosexual overlanders having an orgy in an unattended tent
(Not to be confused with Dirty Mike and the boy's soup kitchen)
Yo them people just left their campsite to go swimming, let's get a Mikey P Chuckwagon going in that tent before they get back!
by JaCrispyOfficial October 27, 2022
When you ask someone how far away they are and they say a minute but show up an hour later
Guy 1: Yo what took so long I though you said you'd be here in a min.

Guy 2: yeah, a mikey p minute.

Guy1: oh, ight my b
by JPMcdoodle July 4, 2018