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A stupid/convoluted/pointless concept that retroactively ruins or disrupts great movies/books in a future installment; a midichlorification is often a hamfisted attempt by writers to make an otherwise incompatible narrative "make sense" within the established norms of the universe, or just because they feel like doing it. Derived from "midichlorians", the microscopic life forms that are revealed to be the source of the "Force" in the Star Wars universe 20 years after the release of the original films.
Ex. 1: The introduction of midichlorians in the Star Wars prequels is a midichlorification in the Star Wars universe because it replaced the previous assumption (that the Force was an abstract thing that didn't really need any further explanation because understanding it is not relevant to the plot) with a confusing scientific explanation that didn't enhance the story in any way.

Ex. 2: Harry's death and subsequent resurrection in the Kingsman franchise is a midichlorification because it nullifies a ton of emotion and character development from the first movie, as well as removing the stakes from all future fights (since the audience knows the characters can just be revived if they die).
by US_Papist January 21, 2019
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