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A leet hax0r at many things comput0rish, and an own0r at mirc scripting. Likes to work at Woolworths Sherwood for BLING BLING MONIEZ CASH so he can buy new comput0r equipment to combat the evil forces of his ULTRA NEO ALPHA VI NAZI old people who live in his house and 'regulate' his interweb usage. However, he strikes out at thm by chatting late at night on ETG in channels such as #neurosis and browsing the interweb hooing to find a site similar in coolness to and watch more strongbad and stuph like that. He is own0r at ITP at SPLC and has to take a stun baton to sk00l sometimes as protection from the ladies. An all-round cool guy. Find him, shake his hand, and then pay his friends money. Also an (outdated) reference to his height
WOWOW KEKEKE!!! That guy is almost as leet as midg3t!!
Man, I wish midg3t would let me join neurosis, it being the BEST CLAN EVAR (except for takit0r - jk)
Shit that midg3t is hot - I want to make little midg3ts with him TODAY
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
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