when a dude's dick is micro and soft
i don't like kevin, he got that microsoft dick, you'd need a magnifying glass
by 2238750576 May 11, 2022
Microsoft is another word for the dick of a man who left his penis pills at home. Its size ranges from .001" to 3". Just like floppy disks, floppy dicks are not very useful in today's world. Do you want good sex? Do you want to keep your girl? Then grow a fat cock!
"Eww, get that Microsoft away from me"

"How do you beat your meat with that Microsoft"
by Joinmyminecwaftserver March 15, 2018
The grossest, smelliest, piece of shit company known to the planet.
I dare you to try and get support from Microsoft.
by Rident October 18, 2021
A Small and Soft Male Genitalia which is small even when hard.
I pulled down Huge Mark's pants and he had a Microsoft. Girls I had to laugh Bitch he Thought
by La leon September 23, 2016
A technology corporation named after a microscopic and soft dick.

Oh and also, fuck you kim jong un
Crackhead: Ooooh look a microsoft building

Crackhead with dirty mind: Ayoooo
by Eatmahdik December 31, 2022
Defined as screwing up so severely that you derail the work of people all over the world.
This term was first posted on the Microsoft tech website by CDMA technician and founder of In Search of Uncle Sam
(A 501c3 international non profit ) he posted the term on their forum after Microsoft forced upgrades destroyed
The non profits computers and data. While Microsoft technicians and technicians from HP, Panasonic, Verizon, Bell Mobile, Qualcomm, etc were all coming to the realization that the windows upgrades were causing the damage and could not be turned off. Since that day, the term has appeared on online chat rooms, Facebook sites, and has been used

In multiple countries when defining the level of damaged caused by political incidences and computer viruses.

I am that founder and this is not a joke or meant to offend. The simple fact is it is estimated that at least 50 thousand computers worldwide were damaged by Microsoft’s upgrade. Third world countries were the hardest hit and such businesses were less likely to have the abilities to recover data and cost. My non profit was nearly destroyed and we found ourselves as vulnerable as the others because due to the nature of our international scientific work we were using older operating systems as we have to stay uniform with our international science contributors.
The situation was global and costly, as teams work through the week to repair the damage we can certainly say any technician responsible for causing this situation certainly - pulled a Microsoft!

In Regard to United States vs O.J. Simpson any forensic examination of the California trial can clearly see the
Los Angeles Officials clearly pulled a Microsoft derailing the entire prosecutions case.

The use of the term “pulling a Microsoft” clearly shows the significant magnitude of the mistake or action.
by garblebox March 7, 2021