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when you light glow sticks and put them in the microwave and all the colourful liquid from the glow stick gets spread all in the microwave.
looks like a rave in a microwave
guy 1 - dude whats a microrave
guy 2 - idk go check
by qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp March 26, 2009
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A rave with few participants in an enclosed space.
Man, that microrave was nuts, I started tripping out and thought that someone had me in a microwave.
by The one true dogboy August 04, 2007
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The partying or dancing ecstatically of an individual in some place or another.
Either dancing by themselves or with a small group of people.
Two guys on a street corner.
Steve: Dude, look at that guy over there. Hes just dancing by himself.
Sean: Haha, i dont hear any music. He must be having his own little micro-rave.
by After-K July 05, 2010
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A party with less than 100 people. A mixture between a regular house party and a full-blown rave. Always involves either extasy, acid, or both. Always has loud, bass-heavy techno, glowsticks, orange juice, and many people going dumb at once.
We had a fat microrave last weekend, man, and I was trippin balls!

I got a bunch of new Benassi and Basshunter, as well as other new hardstyle shit, looks like it's time for a microrave!
by Azzim The Awesome December 20, 2008
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