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A micronap ist a short nap of 2-5 minutes. When micronapping you won't fall fully asleep but relax a lot. You micronaps at different places, for example in your car, at home or in the office.
Mario: Damn am I tired.
July: Stop yammering you Daver, get a micronap instead!
Mario: Nice plan. Game starts in 10 minutes. Nuff time for micronappin & a smoke.
July: True story
by Don Quijotes son March 18, 2011
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noun: falling asleep for no more than a few minutes at a time. usually taking place while in a seated position en route to a destination in a foreign country, it most notably occurs on tour buses of capital cities. a dream state isn't reached, but it's re-energizing ability is almost equivalent to a shot of espresso. the most common cause is due to jet-lag; no severe side effects; treatment is extended time spent in said foreign country
*on the bus*
"uncle, wake up! we're almost at our stop!"
"huh? oh! I'm awake!"
"are you still tired?"
"nope! took my micro nap! I'm good!"
by champs_elysees August 18, 2011
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A nap so short that the napper is awakened by his first snore.
I was so tired at work last night. I think I took about 10 micronaps.
by LCSO Nobody July 11, 2018
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