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The rarest of the rare, a WWE diva that is both hot and can wrestle. Has a super nice, thick, ghetto ass.
Mickie James is awesome.

Did you see that girl's ass? Almost as nice as Mickie James!
by DeadlyNightshade August 29, 2006
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The current WWE Women's Champion as of July 12, 2008. She began her career in 1999 and wrestled in independent circuits and TNA as Alexis Laree. In 2004 she got a developmental contract with the WWE and wrestled in OVW until 2005, where she debuted under her real name as the obsessed fan/stalker of Trish Stratus. After Trish's retirement, Mickie went on to drop the psycho gimmick and win the Women's Championship three more times. She has amazing, substantial in-ring ability, and as stated by the previous editor, she has a beautiful ass.
That Mickie James is one spunky mamacita.
by stupidass5000 July 12, 2008
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Mickie James is a Wrestler at Raw who follows Trish like shes her shadow she bothers her nags her and pesterizes her. Mickie does all kind of pesterizing stuff like kissing trish under the missletoe and that bathroom gig. If she don't back off sumthins gonna happen to her.
by wwewatcher January 10, 2006
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To give someone free tickets to a wrestling event, and also free wrestling DVD's. Drinking tea with this person is optional.
Paul Heyman was in my uncles Pizza shop, and he slipped me a Mickie James!
by Brian Smith jr February 06, 2007
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