One of the three protagonists of the game , GTA - 5 , or Grand Theft Auto-5 . He is rich as hell , and his family is more spoilt than rotten milk....I'm serious; a big house having a fat son who does nothing but jerks off , smokes pot and keeps playing a game similar to C.O.D or Call Of Duty, a daughter who is sluttish and tries to make a career in the movies, but turns out to be a skank always and a wife who is a alcohol binging, drug using "yoga" woman. Her yoga , means your verginity loss. Michael gives more than just one fuck about all these things...but the reason behind his richness , is his and his wife's horrible past. He , along with his best friends -Trevor Philips , Brad , and Lester was a trailer trash bank robber. He met his wife ,Amanda , who at that time was no one but a stripper. Their life could make you comment things like "Fuckin' white trash cunts!" Or something like that. Once, during a robbery, their getaway vehicle- a helicopter , was missing. Due to this, the cops started shooting at them. Brad got shot, so did Mike. Trevor was all alone fighting the cops. He couldn't hold them off, and had to run away. Lester was caught by the cops and was granted a bail, but had a broken leg for the rest of his life. The next thing Trevor witnessed was the funerel of "dearly beloved Michael Townley". Little or nothing did anyone know, that Michael ran off with the money, set up a base for buisness in San Andreas and became rich.
Guy 1 - hey Tracey, your booty look sexy! Can I have a night with you?
Tracey De Santa- Im michael de santa's daughter , you dick!

Guy 2 to guy 1- the next thing that's gonna happen is a bald headed old guy who supposedly is her fathers friend, is going to pull your easophagus out of your earholes. So , run.
by Fuck_you_thats_why November 13, 2014