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A beautiful girl who is nice to talk to and loves her friends
Joe: Hey the new girl looks like a MiaBella

Mark: Yeah she does she's so pretty
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by Magic Molly 😜 July 19, 2017
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Miabella is the best thing that could walk into your life. She’s funny,loyal, and committed to everything she does. Even though sometimes she’s lazy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love her. I’m mean, who wouldn’t! She Miabella! If you ever get to meet a Miabella, you better hold on tight, because of you break her heart...her friends got her back.
Lilly: Wow! Look at her go. She is really focused on swim!
Serenity: I know, she must be a Miabella.
by June 03, 2018
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Shes a bitch and might seem nice at first but will 100 % guarantee will go behind ur back and stab it through ur chest she is a ugly hoe and looks like a gorilla,Tucan and donkey had a 3 some and she sadly was the out come.She will talk about you and then if u confront ber she will deny it .she is rude and petty and starts drama for attention because she is that bored with her life.never fall for a mia bella or bella end of conversation.
Jenny:yo mia bella is a handful she is crazy rude and a petty wanna be girl.
Alex:i know right.she fake as hell she a attention seeker and starts drama.
by Idk...ahahah May 22, 2018
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