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MG08 also know as the God of Sexiness is a fluffy panda that leads the amazing clan Marklor on Clash of Clans. He is the most handsome, sweet panda to ever walk the earth, but don't forget he will also three star all your bases like the beast he is. P.S. his GF is so hot and everyone wishes they could have her. He is MG The God
That guy wishes he can be MG08.
by JiggleB January 18, 2017
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From STEM, an abbreviation short for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics", a STEMlord is a pejorative term for a particular kind of person who has studied in these areas at university or works in these fields who holds a pretentious, condescending attitude to anyone who has studied in any other fields, particularly the Arts and Humanities. They typically believe themselves to be more "intelligent" and "rational", while generally remaining incredibly ignorant outside of their areas of expertise and having the charisma of a rotting pig's backside.
"Ugh, I wish Reddit wasn't full of STEMlords the entire goddamn time."
by nopeidontneedanameok October 15, 2015
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