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Mew Mew Power is the American, edited version of Tokyo Mew Mew, which is a Japanese shoujo anime about 5 girls with special animal abilities. It only lasted 23 episodes before 4Kids lost the license to continue dubbing it.
by n00b1ly July 10, 2008
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4kids dub of tokyo mew mew basically neko sailor moon. Oh dear god when i watched when i was in like 3rd grade on youtube i liked it but now even watching the intro is like having Vietnam flashbacks show was good but the nostalgia hit you like a pimp backhanding a ho
I love Mew Mew Power
by Konota-chan is best girl June 09, 2019
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Horrendous anime ported to America from the vile sanctum of pedo-lust from Japan.

It features a flat chested 11-year old preteen named Aniga Mamakeekaakaawa, who fights crime in a obscene ballet of panty shots and bra bloopers. By day she scores with her pussy boyfriend who is too chickenshit to ask her out, by night, she dresses up in pink cat ears and a tight sailor girl outfits, to do battle with leather clad baby-wenches.
Sign my petition to ban "Mew Mew Power" from proud American airwaves.
by Chang Tan March 26, 2005
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On of the few Animes that actually suck.
All it is,is something for pedophiles to beat off to.
All the girls in it wear skimpy,'cute' outfits.
It's just moronic.
Why won't America ban it. T_T
I'm not going to start on how BAD mew mew power is..
by Rennie---& August 15, 2006
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