A powerful stimulant drug that attacks the nervous system and the dopamine system in the brain. Street names include but not limited to: Tina, Crystal, Meth,

Crystal meth, Shabu, Side, crank, gack, jib, ice, and glass. It is a very dangerous drug stay away.
Guy 1: - What are you doing
Guy 2: - Smoking a drug called

crystal methamphetamine
by Mohawk Kris February 26, 2022
A car of acid steaming threw a funnel into high density cigarette smoke hydrochloric preferred

Dump the human body into the acid and fume threw the cigarette smoke
by Cody5050 January 27, 2022
Methamphetamine is a drug that will get you high, and shit, also a drug Cooked By Walter White and Jesse Pinkman In The Show Breaking Bad
Jesse- 4 pounds, 4 pounds if 2 pounds wasnt bad enough, were talking 2, 300 boxes of sinus pills, there aint that many smurfs in the world"

Walter- "We are not going to need Pseudoephedrine we are going to make phenyl acetone in a tube furnace then were going to use reductive amination to yield Methamphetamine, 4 pounds"

Jesse -"so no pseudo?"
Walter- "no pseudo"
Jesse- "So you do have a plan, Yeah Mr White, Yeah Science!'
by Maxithrilin January 11, 2023