When someone is giving anal to a sweet women with a floppy penis.
So last night I gave a rarey to my wife.
by WoubleQubbleNapp February 6, 2017
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Rarei is most likely a tall handsome boy . And is really athletic loves to play sports preferably basketball or soccer. Rarei is a really funny and goofy individual and his smile is contagious. Loves giving people hugs mostly girls but his male friends get hugs too. He's passionate about his friends and treasures all his friendships. Rarei's teeth have to be white and he can never have a bad odor in anyway. Girls love his personality and he barely has facial hair. Rarei is a guy who likes to fight as soon as he or his friends are threatened.
Rarei is my brother man.
Yo Rarei you smell good.
by J'RE November 25, 2018
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