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A hybrid of the metro and the bro classifications of young white males. They exhibit the care to hygiene and obsession over appearance of a metro with the party frat-boy attitude of a bro.
Dude, Ryan got totally smashed at our place during beerpong and then went to Perkin's and ordered a salad because he's watching carbs. He's hardcore metbro
by The Hammer Bros May 25, 2008
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A male that identifies as both a metrosexual and a bro. Metrosexual + Bro = Metbro

Some example character traits may include: they pursue a career in finance, but their parallel path is to become a yogi. They enjoy having pedicures, but also play contact team sports.
"Our quarterback has a three stage daily skin care regime, he's such a metbro."
by D-PAIN Productions August 20, 2017
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