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The band, Metallica, if you come from the state of Rhode Island.
-"What did you do last night?"

-"I went to see Metallicer with Jessicer and Melisser"

-"Really? That's cool"

-"Then we smoked weed, got the munchies and ate pizzer and soder."
by Jessnerch December 09, 2006
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(prounounced metalliker). A young kid, usually in middle or highschool who thinks metallica is the greatest/only band ever. they are usually fat, with ear-length blonde hair, and often seen wearing a death magnetic shirt. they have a shitty taste in metal, and music in general. to a metallicer saint anger is a good album, thus showing how terrible their music taste is.
i went to see metallica last month and thought it might be at least kinda cool, but the whole time i was surrounded by metallicers.
by captaindamnit May 23, 2010
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