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Metallica's 9th studio album and a damn good example that they hadn't totally forgot where they came from. I was surprised at the thrash orientation in had, some thing that hadn't done since the 20 years span from "...And Justice For All". It mixed some stuff from the 90's alternative rock and hard rock type of stuff (can't tell me the video for "The Memory Remains wasn't on some level maybe inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins lol) with some of the good old 80's thrash metal brutality they started with.

A good mix of old and new to give a certain level of satisfaction to multiple camps of fans of Metallica and metal music fans alike. Some of the lyrics admittedly are a bit below what the 80's era had given us, but let's admit to one undeniable truth. It's definitely an improvement and step in the right direction.
Death Magnetic is proof that the greatest selling heavy metal act of all time still has their steam! :D
by Jack694 December 06, 2009
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An album that combines the poetic verses of load and reload with a taste of their earlier thrash style to form a meaningful yet headbanging set of songs that continues Metallica's long tradition of making their own sound and name, much to the dismay of people looking to define them to a certain genre or sound that they prefer.
I listen to Death Magnetic and Metallica because they are good artistically in any sound they choose to play, not just because they play "thrash" or "metal".
by ArtimusrocK June 25, 2011
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The key to Metallica's salvation. In a strange turn of events Kirk Hammet discovered how to time travel back to the 80s where he rediscovers how to blow peoples minds with hardcore solos and badass licks that will blow peoples minds
Have you heard Death Magnetic yet?
Head explodes
by Th3 M3T4AL September 19, 2008
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The long awaited new Metallica album that everyone has been anticipating. It will show the world that true metal is not dead. Death Magnetic is gonna fuckin' rule.
Dude: Metallica sucks! Their new album Death Magnetic is gay! It's not even metal!

Much cooler dude: Hey Megadeth punk. Shut the fuck up. Death Magnetic is gonna fuckin' own. Dave Mustaine can suck Kirk Hammett's cock.

Dude: :(

Much cooler dude: 8====D
by TheMagicNumber23 September 07, 2008
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Metallica's ninth studio album that was ment to be Metallica's revival, proof that metal still exists. Their attempt failed horribly. It did not sound like Metallica and it was not metal at all.

I love Metallica but Death Magnetic was fucking horrid.
You hear Death Magnetic?

Yeah, it's shit.
by Sanchez Horacio February 16, 2009
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