A fan of heavy metal, basically. Most metalheads are realtively fun loving people, and don't take themselves too seriously, although live and breathe the music they listen to.

many metalheads will sport long hair, black clothes, band T-shirts, spikes and leather. However, in no way is this needed. Go to a metal concert, and you will see a vast number of people all dressed differently. Denim is also very oftenly sported, but again it is not required.

Metalheads generally also have an interest in the dark arts, although very few actually practise them. Most metalheads are anti-conservative, and despite the belief that they are extremly violent, usually are peaceful and happy people that simply have a rougher idea of what is a "good time" than others, but if someone is uncomfortable with the situation, such as begining to feel distressed in a mosh pit, the metalheads surrounding them will help them out.

Many metalheads have been alienated as children or teenagers, and this has caused them to feel a great amount of sadness or anger, which has been cured by heavy metal. Because of this, most metalheads are accepting people.
Bob the metalhead: A 15-year-old who was picked on at school for a long time, and takes out his frustrations with his music.

Steve the metalhead: A 50-year-old heavy drinker who dresses in pastal colours most if the time and "normal" clothing who likes the smash things.

Brian the metalhead: A 24-year-old family man who doesn't drink. Dresses in black with spikes, and has a few books on the occult.
by TheUglySoldier June 11, 2007
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People of any race or background, who likes metal in general, there are many types of metal so characterizing metal is what true metal heads won't do, unless faced with a someone saying miley cirus is metal, which she is definitely not. metalheads can or can not wear a jacket, army boots with a band logo. many metalheads choose to wear something else and that does not make them non-metalheads. metalheads usually but dont always wear some black. anyone who is dedicated to metal is a metalhead. metalheads in some-way can relate to the song that they like, so your type of metal is based on who you are, or they may just like the tune, or whatever(just as long as they are dedicated). metalheads are not druggies or drunk mossers. they are actually generally intelligent, even though some may not. they may drink or do drugs but that is on a personal base not a general base of metalheads.
An example of a metal head is someone who is dedicated enough to go to a concert if they can actually make the distance. so just because you live on a island in the middle of the ocean and cant make it to a concert it does not make you a non-metalhead
by xxAaronxx May 20, 2008
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\me-tlOne who is extremely dedicated to, or heavily associated with, the metal culture.
Larry's a total metalhead--he's been to every Cannibal Corpse concert in Dallas for the last six years!
by Goatlord April 30, 2003
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A metalhead is kind of self explanatory, it's a person who listens to a lot of metal. Metal heads can be classified for long hair, black clothing and band tees BUT, not all metal heads look like this. Metalheads tend to dress however they want. A lot people call them selves metal heads, because the only bands they listen to is Slipknot and Disturbed. This is personally an insult to true metal heads, because true metal isn't recognized, such as Ozzy Osbourne, or Amon Amarth.
Average teenage kid: Hey guys, I listen to Slipknot now... I'm a hardcore metal head.

Hardcore metalhead: Umm... why don't you listen to some Megadeth or Behemoth?

Average teenage kid: I don't like all that growling and loud guitars.

Hardcore metalhead: *Punch*
by Zavexave March 22, 2009
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People who like Metal. That's it. All the lifestyle nonsense is just that, nonsense.
Jim likes metal, he is therefore a metal head.
by Matt Zigan October 12, 2005
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someone who sticks to their music no matter what people do to them for it.
being the only metalhead in school, you are picked on, but you still say you're metal and proud
by dave742 May 23, 2007
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