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A Metalhead is anything you, or they want it to be, there are many definitions of what people think a metalhead is, the ONLY one's tht are wrong are the ones saying that they are evil people with only destruction in mind (this is complete bull ¬_¬), a real metalhead is generally one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, sure, they tend to be extremely loud and intimidating in large groups because of all the noise they make, but its all in good fun, the true meaning of "metalhead" is to listen to the greatest kind of music EVER! and still respect others for their own opinion on it. Remember "Only treat others how you wish for them to treat you."
Jamie:- Lewis, i think its happening again...!
Lewis:- What's happening?!!! :O
*Both go completely nuts to any kind of metal (apart from emo,etc)*
by Nephilim September 15, 2007
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