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how to spot a metalcore kid:

dress: tight, faded fashioncore band shirts (most likely to have the band name in front of a pool of blood) tight, faded/ripped jeans that cost way too much, bandana around neck or mouth, white studded belt.

appearance: shaved head/mid length hair covering eye, stupid looking tunnels in earlobes the sixe of your pinky, lip and/or eyebrow piercings optional.

music: Usually whatever faux metal/hardcore band it's cool to like at the time. Nowadays, it's Norma Jean, Underoath, Atreyu, etc.

dance: Hardcore dancing (Swinging your arms and legs around in a vain attempt to look HxC)

attitude: An air of great superiority due to their apparently "flawless" taste in music and fashion.

Screen name: includes too many X's, words like "gun", "bang", and "kill". Often including their current favorite band's name.

Known to take oddly angled myspace pictures that all look the same, edit them in photoshop, then post 20 of them on their HxC pimped out Myspace.
Metalcore kids should be euthanized.
by ThroatSlit October 12, 2006
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A kid who listens to metalcore. Band shirts, bandanas, faded jeans, long hair and Chuck Taylor's would be typical to wear. They enjoy hardcore dancing and going to shows. They're a little slow when it comes to music; as in, not cutting-edge. Usually, they don't limit themselves as to how much of their personality they choose to flaunt. They aren't emo, scene, or hardcore kids. They're metalcore kids.
"Hey man, Between the Buried and Me is coming to town so I'm gonna put on my Norma Jean shirt and go moshing" -random metalcore kid
by MollyMartyr. July 24, 2006
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