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very similar to cheerios, only metal.

a term used to describe the "oh" sound that metal vocalists implement during songs as a sort of emphasis.

different than the lame "ugghhhh" sound corey taylor makes. more appropriately used, as well, seeing as it's meant to emphasize a line, not necessarily to make your untalented band (i.e.: slipknot) sound 8|200741 ('brootal,' if you're leetspeak-challenged).
"i'm ready to start the day, now that i've had my metal-o's!"

"hey man, i was listening to that CD you burned me. parkway drive does some sweet metal-o's. i liked the way bring me the horizon does 'em, too!"

"yo d00d i went to a (SIC) slipknot show. they did some sweet grunt thing in their songs."
"nah, bro, that shit's weak. we gots to get you some METAL-O'S!"
by LEET HAX February 03, 2008
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