The 'Force' is a mystical power that life creates. The 'Force' is said to comes from micro-cells called Metachlorians. The more Metachlorians you have, the stronger the 'Force' is within that 'Jedi'.
Little Tommy has more metachlorians than little Billy, so the force within little Tommy is stronger.
by A Stuffed Bantha March 20, 2008
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a fictional cell that exists in the body of Jedi and Sith lords.
It seems that your metachlorian count is very high Obi-wan.
by zeecpunim April 7, 2008
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In star wars, the more "metachlorian" you have in your body.. the stronger you are with the force. Anakin Skywalker had more metachlorians than Yoda thus he was Stronger than Yoda.
Anna is amazed at how fast Rooz heals, his metachlorian levels must be off the charts!
by LikesYou March 5, 2012
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