A set of socially acceptable actions and milestones as deemed by general society to follow through your life that will bring you happiness. In western society this means, being born, going to school then university, meeting someone, marrying them, buying a house together, having kids and then dying.
Mmmm yeah it just seems like John hasn’t really questioned the meta-narrative you know... he’s just kind of doing what is expected of him.
by tegantegantegantegan October 17, 2018
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1. A postmodernism bullshit term oftenly used by CNN reporters to sound smart.
2. A favorite term of Mike from Indiana otherwise known as PsychoPere on Trekbbs.

The enlightment theory of rational though is a meta-narrative.
by ethan_ruzzene May 5, 2008
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And it isn't 3 note.
Hym "No. Shithead. There is an entire anime dedicated to the multiplicity of meta-narrative that can be derived from this. What the actual fuck are you talking about? Do you know it's name? It's coming out with a 3rd season. There are literally dozens of meta-narrative in here. It's a literal masterpiece by all relevant metrics."
by Hym Iam April 10, 2023
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