A word in the french language that americans don't know how to use in english

French Translation: Thank you
French Canadian: Monsieur, you forgot your wallet.
American: Gimme that you fucking theif!!!
French Canadian: Your Welcome!
by Benormous July 6, 2005
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A French word for "thanks" or "thank you".
Person A: "Does anyone here know French?"
Person B: "Oui!"
Person C: "Person B said 'Yes!'"
*5 hours of intensive studying later...*
Person A: "Merci for the lesson, guys."
Person B: "Aucun, MERCI."
Person C: "That means 'No, thank YOU'. Bye!"
by Pabriel March 25, 2014
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the most sexiest person in the world. the most hottest, freshest, awesomest person ever. merci has the fattest wettest punani ever and makes squishy noises when she walks. everyone loves merci
andres- “i love the way merci walks.”
layla- “ me too i love hearing that fat gushy pussy when she walks.”
by MyNameIsNotNoah January 17, 2021
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An exuberant girl who enjoys and loves her life. She's adventurous and very creative .She's a determined and ambitious girl. Mercy is independent and prefares giving than getting. She's confident and has a very strong power of speech. She's nonjudgmental and down to earth. Mercy is a girl who shows empathy and she interacts well with others but enjoys her own company alot. Her greatest possession is her family members. She's picky and not easily bothered. Mercy is a smart girl who's honest and gets what she wants. Her eyes speak out her mind .
Mercy puts her best into all she does, if she's not going to put her best she won't even bother.
by cy_rie May 13, 2018
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Mercy is the best thing that will ever happen to you so try and keep her if your lucky enough to have her
by Haaayyyyy girl June 23, 2018
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Mercy is a very energetic person and a fun person, who don't always finish her work but she does her work and never turn them in. She will do anything to get what she wants, if she wants an iPhone she will work for it no matter what. Just don't bothered her or else you will get it.
Mercy is nice, i will she was my friend
Who is that nice girl. That's a Mercy..
by flowergold May 2, 2019
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1. A sweet, fun, loving girl that would be a great girlfriend to provide you love, shelter, care, guidiance, loyalty, trustworthiness, and FOOD!!!!!!!
2. Something God provides for you.
1. Boy #1: "Man, Mercy got everthing, bro! I aint never gonna let her go!

Boy #2: "Man, I wish I had a Mercy!

2. "God have Mercy, Sweet Child!
by ItgodownintheDM April 2, 2016
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