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A phrase coined by word guru Drew Miller (See Garbage Pants).

The product of one not knowing the answer to a question(s) on an exam and attempting to acquire some amount of credit (usually meager) by "vomiting" whatever knowledge of the subject they have onto the paper. This desperate but clever measure usually results in a paper peppered with red question marks and the occasional red circle over whatever small portion of the answer was relevant to the question.
My answers to the last 3 questions were pure mental vomit.
by MiKeen October 06, 2004
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A term to describe how you felt when you saw something that you hated, but had to put up with and/or couldn't mention, usu. because it belongs to a friend.
Used in bitching, can be abbreviated as in (b), for text/shorthand speech.
Note- not for when soemthing ACTUALLY makes you feel sick.
' Linda's handbag mad me mentally vomit, but she was wearing it all day.'

(b)Linda's bag-mental vomit!
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007
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