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The act of intentionally confusing individuals by using obscure references to internet memes.
Jack committed memery when he posted 'all your base are belong to us' on a pet care forum, as none of the users had any idea what he was talking about.
by faded_again January 24, 2011
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The use of well-respected and/or rare memes.
Bob: Wow, dude, nice memery you got there!
Fred: Thanks bro btw trade me pepes?
by FlyinGiraffe November 19, 2015
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The act of quickly sharing a packaged thought or opinion without considering whether it's actually something you believe.
Every social media "share" ever. "You dont really care about pitbulls(kony, the duck guy,etc), dont give me that memery"
by Takethejump January 06, 2014
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When you can't remember seeing a dank meme although you are certain it has been processed by your visual cortex on a previous occasion
Dave: "Oi Trev, check out this dank meme!"
Trev: "I'm 420% sure i've seen that dank meme before, but I can't be sure"
Dave: "You must have short term Memery loss mate"
by DJ.C42 June 05, 2018
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Where great memes cook; the birthplace of great memes
I came up with such great memage at the memery
by Audi_Luv January 04, 2017
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