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An Irish term for something that is unfavourable or has no use.It is also used as a derogatory term, and is a variant of the word 'melojin'. Melogent is often used during games of poker to describe a bad hand or poor cards. It can also refer to someone that is lucky or 'jammy'

'The light bulb burnt out, now it is melogent'(useless)

'The Light bulb burnt out because it was melogent'(crap)

'These cards are melogent!'(not very good/useless/crap)

'Shane Byrne is a melogent'(a great number of derogatorty terms- fat, unhygienic, bent, fudge-packer etc.)

'Shane Byrne is melogent'(Can mean the same as the above term but commonly means the emodiment of the characteristics of a melogent, ie. usless, crap or lucky)
by Party-boy June 09, 2006
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