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Unlike what most think, it is more than a simple pizza joint down the road. It is the term used to describe being high to the point of absolute peace in the mind. You achieve the highest state of mellow. It is named this because the drug often used to achieve this state of mellow is the shroom.
Bob Marley founded and represented the Mellow Mushroom society!
by Cod y Stuckenschneider March 02, 2008
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the original brothers chaps character before home star runner, and a chain of pizza places
mellow mushroom has lotsa friends
by Chinese Jew August 09, 2003
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The Mellow Mushroom is a place that functions as (a.) A Pizzeria, and (b.) Where hippies are stored at nighttime when no-one else is using them.
"Hey, I'm going to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner today."
"Nice! That place is always a surprise, tell me what new and interesting diseases you get while you're there!"
"Will do."
by The Mighty Sir Realist December 26, 2017
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