someone of a spontaneous nature who often just bursts out with strange comments. Has a tendency to throw objects at innocent bystanders.
Stop being such a mellors
Gosh you are a bit of a mellors today
by lav machine April 30, 2004
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Mellor. A goldfish eyed, ape like creature, with a rather large stomach and opinion of himself. He tends to work in the art environment, but what he does outside of this is unknown to the world. Unmarried and on the loose, the Mellor is something to avoid in your life. Unfortunately, some are stuck with it, in a rather sticky Mellor formula you really wouldn't want to think about!
Mellor: Are you going to do some over the holidays?
Me (or my friend! she knows! hah!): Of course I am sir!

We blatantly know that this is a lie. But the Mellor is such a simple creature that he believes the words of his 'followers'
by HayleyRoO February 15, 2008
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Mellor is also a word for an amazingly clever bird, who has lots of class and is god dam bloody gorgeous.
phwoarrrrrrrrr look at that Mellor over there
by Razzer84 August 4, 2009
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the mightiest of all!

someone who can dress as a jedi, have sex against lamp posts and still obtain greatness! the one who is able to change history and make mix CDs
he's a right mellor!, melloriffic, you've been mellored!
by melloriffic August 12, 2007
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Another word for a paedophile. Normally used frequently throughout the South west.

"That old guy is such a Mellor"

"Afro-man has been convicted for being a Mellor"
by ParisHilton876 April 28, 2008
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Someone that says they'll turn up and help but rarely does! Usually in spirit only and if they are present will always be on their phone and have to shoot off on 'urgent' matters!
"Pete will be here shortly team" Phone rings "Cancel that, he's busy so he's had to 'Mellor' us"
by Kibster20 December 7, 2019
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Term used to describe emotional instability that is sometimes expressed in violence.
by Optimus Paul March 9, 2007
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