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A polish word meaning "asshole" or "faggot". It is a harsh criticism among the polish race and is often used against a man who pursues underage girls yet cannot attain an erection for sexual intercourse.
The young girl looked speculative at the poorly endowed older polish boy trying to seduce her, and called him a mehow before scurrying off to toil in the noble polish sausage fields.
by Joe Salazman February 27, 2008
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A derogatory term generally used in Western Slavic dialects, but more recently adopted into world-culture. The versatility of the word makes so that it can be used in various forms: Mehow (N.) Mehow (adj.) Mehowly (adj./adv.) The word insinuates hypocrisy and abject failure, usually with regards to pursuing the opposite sex.
Used as an Adjective and Explicative

"Dude, did you see James start crying when that girl laughed at his face? Mehowly!"
by Everyone-Seriously April 28, 2009
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