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a trash hypixel game with thousands of closet cheaters
megawalls example: GINGEREBOYALTING IS A CHEATER!!!!!!
by gingerkiddo May 15, 2018
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A fucking long game of hypixel. How to play: u mine some ores in the grace period, go to mid and fuck some minecrafter up then fucking destroy other teams’ trash wither boss and fuck every final kills, then u won!!!!!!! ‘KS!!!!’ ‘Fuck that noob! He fucking wither caper’ are common in mega walls
A: who wanna fuck noob minecrafters in mega walls?
B: ftsio! Fucking long game!!!
C: me!!
by His mom is too gay for me February 15, 2019
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The most autistic game imaginable. People that play it lose about 3 chromosomes per femptosecond and automatically gain autism faster than a child that got vaccinated. Everyone's reach is 6 blocks at default but some people don't get the full affect so they use outside software to get the full 6. People that play the game have more autism than the fucking special ed class at your local preschool.
Mega Walls is an autistic, bullshit game.
by Vydz February 13, 2019
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