Finnish word for determining the size of a customer-focused package of said goods or/and items. Translated from Finnish as "Mega bag".

Unfortunately, this term is very mistranslated with an english statement for a bigger form of a female reproductive organ. Can also be misrepresented as a form of an oversized feline.
Finnish: Kiitos ostaa mega pussiin. Meidän kulutus laukut on valtava.
English: Thank you for buying the mega bag. Our consumption of bags is huge.

2. My maine coon is one big megapussi.
by Bigbeating Kioshi August 13, 2016
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The pussy you get after a week of getting yelled at by that one clingy girlfriend that just won't leave you alone.
Dude, Katie has been nagging at me all week. It's alright though cause i went and got some megapussy from her.
by Pussyman1234567894 April 25, 2009
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