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A monolithic milf in a league of her own, by whom all other milfs shall be measured. Attained by a female after having naturally birthed at least 3 or more children and still able to maintain a face, figure and demeanour that draws much attention from the opposite sex. Age range irrelevant; any woman capable of this feat deserves kudos over and above the standard milf.
#1:"Dude, are those her kids??"
#2:"Hell no, can't be. She's the babysitter"
#1:"Dude-- those kids just called her mommy"
#2: "Damn, she can mommy me!!"
#1:"Dude, she's wearing a red thong under 'em jeans!!"
#2:"Hell, that ain't no milf... thassa Megamilf, indeed."
#1:"Amen brother"
by nutanhoney2 January 01, 2010
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Mary jo ford md aka DAkotas Mom aka the original milf
"dude i hit on dakotas mom on the way to venice " " SHES A mega MILF"
by the real mclovin69 May 09, 2009
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