Where you go when you show your gang a trap while comparing hentai collections.
Micah! Is that a trap?

Fuck outa here and go to the... MEGA GAY ZONE
by TexasRed420 October 5, 2020
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A place you go to when you find a bug in a video game and use it to YOUR advantage. Dont do that. Or you will be sent there.
Person one: ooh i found a bug in a really great game! im not going to tell anyone about it.

Person two: Why is *person one* flying? and HOW???
Person one: im flying because of a bug! im not telling you how it works since i want this all to myself.
Person two: Ah Booey!
Person three: You must go to the mega gay zone!
Person one: *gets banned from the game*
Person one in real life: Thats no fair
by FakeBoomerLOL November 6, 2020
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