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a type of person who doesn't talk a lot except for saying howdy or something, just one or two really simple phrases. despite being quiet, they have a lot of attitude or strong opinions, making them kind of a bitch. this prominent sass yet lack of verbal communication is what makes them a mega b
"Have you seen the new girl? She seems kinda shy."
"Yeah but she's a mega b. Don't wanna get involved with her."
by netko September 06, 2018
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Megab is a bitch, commonly found hanging around faggots she has an entire army of pussy ass boys that all seem to be in love with her despite ALL her flaws, she enjoys breaking hearts and getting into fights over her dumb ass fuckboi of a friend jake overall a little whore and should be avoided at any cost
Guy 1: yeah she's really pretty but she's a bit of a Megab

Guy 2: run dude
by Slipknot282 April 22, 2016
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