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Contraction of the words "media" and "idiots". Used to describe "news" reporters who continually make inaccurate reports, write stories without fact checking, run government press-releases without any follow-up questions, or provide analysis on topics they know nothing about.
The mediots completely missed this news story.
by BToellner May 08, 2008
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Human idiot who will blindly believe and spread what the media reports without tapping into the source, the validity and the true purpuse of the news.
I get tired trying to make a point about politics with that guy, all he believes is what he saw on the tv news or red in the paper. What a brainwashed mediot!
by anti corp. December 22, 2009
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Contracted form of medical student+idiots=mediots
"Its always entertaining, especially if the mediots get plastered for partying so loud"
by njiggs May 08, 2010
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