when a male swings his 'floppy' penis around in circles
woman: eh what are you doing bill?
bill swings floppy penis round in circles
man: why my dear i do not know
woman: u are such a meat swinger
by nipcharmedtuck June 7, 2006
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1. slang for the act of hooking up with a girl.

2. physically taking hold of one's penis and swinging it in a helicopter like motion.
I would not go in there right now andre my friend donturius is swinging meat.

muffuga! I might jus have to swing meat myself deen
by Flowaz in da buildin December 28, 2010
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An 8-13 inch cock that usually has very aggressive veins and an exploding range of 10-12 feet...Usually when pulled from the drawers the penis likes to swing around before adjusting hince the name "swing"
Damn his swing meat sure made me hungry
Ya did you see his swing meat on that girls face
by SGEEZY November 16, 2007
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