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Spanish Slag as in...I believe, I like, I desire.
Me late que hoy me la voy a pasar bien chevere.

Hoy me late un viaje a la playa
by Myke12 June 11, 2009
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pronounce as mur-la-tur
guide: mur as in MURmur, la as in LAtte, tur as in TURtle.

a Malaysian slang which is originally used to describe someone/something who/which is loafing & wandering around aimlessly.

now it is commonly used to describe craziness, awesomeness, super, coolness, anything HYPE & POSITIVE.

or at times, it can be used in a negative way such as overdressed, overreact, anything EXTREME & OVERBOARD.
"OMG, that dress is so melate!!! i love it!"

"That guy is super mega melate!!!! He rocks the stage!!"

"Melate segale baju kau ni nok" means you are overdressed.
by MeriahUOls October 30, 2009
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