Solo ride until I die, cause i got me for life. Look up clean version
P1 have you heard that song called me, myself, and i?

P2 by Bebe Rhexa and G-eazy? Yeah, it is a little more than a half-decade old!
by Wwwwwowwww September 5, 2021
The only friends you have.
WOW! I am so lonely that I only have Me, Myself, and I to talk to!
by TopHatTim123 May 31, 2019
This sentence would've been said only if you like to do blowjobs to yourself, measure your dick every week.
"Me, myself and I"
by MehdiLovesHisOwnDick January 22, 2022
A term that people that only care about themselves love to use.
Entitled person: Everything is about me, myself and I. Therefore, I deserve everything that you have, including your $20 million mansion, your super expensive supercar, your money and your children.
Rich person: You ain't getting shit and you can go fuck yourself.
by PhoenixGamer34 April 21, 2022