you are bored. that is why you are searching this up
you cant. you just say it like that "me bored''
by AnAkiNSwaGWalKer May 3, 2016
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When someone just won't shut up and you're really not interested.

Also, when someone is being incredibly annoying.
'Hey look at my new expensive gadget and also my new expensive wardrobe..'

'Bore me later with your bragging.'
by HellsBells December 20, 2013
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When someone of low value or relevance is looking for validation to the point of exhaustion but it only exacerbates and exposes their irrelevance to an intensely dull disposition.
You're beginning to bore the Hell outta me.

You're boring me.
by Jay double ya April 13, 2016
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This can be said when you are in a situation such as a business meeting or a conversation with an acquaintance and someone starts speaking on a subject that you are not interested in or is a complete waste of your time.

Bore me later can be used to express your disinterest or ambivalence to either the person or the subject and is generally intended to cause hurt or embarrassment to the other person.
We had another meeting at work yesterday about recycling - I was likebore me later, I’ve got better things to do”
by RDogster January 21, 2018
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Sentence usually used when one is bored and randomly types "Fuck me I'm so bored" in on Google. He/She/It usually has no idea what to do, and this will not help.
"I don't know what to do.. Fuck me I'm so bored"
by Flexxed June 28, 2017
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