A food enjoyed in the ghettos of the Dirty South while growing up. It is made by spreading mayonnaise on one slice of white bread and then covering that slice with another. Often accompanied by some sugar water to wash it down.
Sugar water and mayonnaise sandwich!!
by Dirty January 3, 2004
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Two pieces of bread together with mayonnaise in the middle. Some shit white people eat.
Duke: Ay, I know what you want, that mayonnaise sandwich.
White Guy: Yesssirrrr, i love me some mayonnaise sandwiches.
by SukaFlyat May 4, 2021
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The sexual act in which the male bangs the female in the doggie-style position and upon ejactulation, releases his semen between her butt cheeks and mashes them together, thus creating a medley resembling that of a mayonnaise sandwich.
That bitch didn't want me to cum on her face, so I gave her a mayonnaise sandwich
by JJJ December 20, 2004
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When one jizz' on a pillow and flips it to squish the jizz covered pillow on a bed like a mayonnaise sandwich.
Chris pissed me off so I fucked my girlfriend in his bed and laid a nice mayonnaise sandwich right on it.
by mayonnaise sandwich October 12, 2014
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When you are fucking a girl and you finish on her chest, only to collapse from complete and utter exhaustion on top of her. You and the girl are the bread, and your cum is the Mayo
"Yo dude! How did you go last night?"
"Yeah I got some. At the end we became a Mayonnaise Sandwich"
by SmashorSmash May 2, 2019
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Boring, suburban white people. Specifically refers to the lack of spice or anything interesting about them.
Do you see that mayonnaise sandwich over There? His wife is jamming out to the band, but he just looks bored.
by Emmalouscarious August 28, 2018
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