This really hot baseball player that seriously has every girl drooling over him. Once he gets a girlfriend she better tie him up and lock him in the closet because there is no way his #mauldinos are going down without a fight. He is breaking hearts right and left with his gorgeous smile and country accent. Lets hope his innocence isn't just a facade and he truly is that sweet boy he comes off as. He is pretty much instagram and vine famous, he has tons of girls going after him and he has his own day! (mauldin monday) hit him up on vine, twitter, and instagram. @daltonmauldin (vine) @daltinmauldino ( and twitter) @daltonmauldin5 (instagram)
Dalton Mauldin is a very sweet viner who is sick at baseball!
She got them blue jeans...
by heyyougetbackhere February 11, 2014
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place in south carolina where dem ballerz n hustlaz meet some nerdy white kidz as well yamean> the white kids are like "DUDE THATS FRIGGIN AWSOME DUUUUDE HOLY COW"
black brotha: "yo cuzzou whattup"
white kid: "hey what is up. check out my slang: fo shizzle my nizzle"
black brotha: what did u say?
white kid: i said fo shizzle my nizzle
blak brotha beats caucasian kid up

white kid: uhh uh ahhhhhhhh stop beating me you dirty negroe
blak brotha: shut da fakk up nucca
by mauldin souljah April 29, 2005
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This dude thinks he is the coolest kid ever. He will brag about how heavy his backpack is and can even carry six chairs at once. He compares himself to Chuck Norris but is really lighting McQueen's left ballsack. He doesn't like to admit it but he is really creepy too. He likes to stalk Shy on snapchat. This dude also watches anime but doesn't admit it either.
Miller Mauldin pls stop stalking Shy on snapchat.
by Timmy_Crow October 27, 2020
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