A trilogy of which only one film is liked by EVERYONE. The others are subject to critical debates, because they are inferior and lame.
Wow, the Wachowski brothers really fucked up with the second two films of the matrix trilogy!
by thejamdude January 5, 2006
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A brilliant trilogy, mind how i say it as a trilogy.

First one was undoubtably amazing

Second was just as good, but you didnt feel the same towards it. Great Car Chase.

Third one was strange, because it didnt really answer all the questions it was supposed to. Still good though.
Guy 1.The Matrix Trilogy was wicked, werent it?

Guy 2.Trilogy? I didnt like the other two.

Guy 1.Na, but the whole thing was beezer, ripping it up, unleashing de java!!

Guy 2.Why do you talk like that?

Guy 1.....I have problems, ok?
by Biafra J July 12, 2004
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