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Matris weighs 1000 pounds. Matris wears a moo moo. Matris drives a 1984 Geo Metro, there are no doors. Matris greases up the sides of her Metro and slips on in. There are no wheels. Matris gets a running start and pushes her Metro down a hill. Matris has a hair and beauty salon down town called, "Matris Loves You". Matris is a devout Catholic. She loves the Pope. Matris is always in Gremio. Never anywhre but Gremio. Where is she not? Not in Gremio. Always in Gremio, never anywhere but Gremio.
Matris is the Buck's manager. She takes care of ALL their away needs.
by Robert Goulet February 23, 2005
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Totally opposite of Nehemiah. Ugly disrespectful and rude of everyone.
That waitress was so rude I could call her a matri
by URBAN dictionary god May 24, 2018
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