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1. Matata is a tiny town on the northern island of New Zealand, wich looks like an upside-down half boot, just right under the heel. So probably all the men of this town are henpecked their wives. Indeed, they live directly under the heel. :)
Thus 'to live in matata' for those men is similar to 'to be in marriage and be monogamous'. Do you feel the difference as compared with 'to live in hakuna matata'?

2. From the phrase hakuna matata, which is negating of having problems, you can conclude that 'matata' quite the contrary is something like if you live with big problems and worries, in short, is the same as a pain in the butt.
Thus 'to live in matata' is equal to 'a pain in the butt'.
Maybe so, because they, who 'live in Matata', have earthquakes, mudflows and flooding happens really.

Since that is so (1 and 2), it looks like 'being in marriage/ monogamy' is the same as 'a pain in the butt'. That is interesting findings!
Maybe so, because they, who 'live in marriage', have earthquakes, mudflows and flooding happens too. ;)
Who are live in Matata? Do you like to live in matata always? And what about hakuna matata? Can I live there, in Matata, without troubles: like hakuna matata?
by amlike July 30, 2011
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