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mass masturbation. pronounced: mass-ter-bay'-shun. dry orgy. massturbation can refer to the act of stimulating one's own sexual organs in the presence of other persons (seven or more) who are performing the same act. it can also refer to an event involving such acts. massturbation is gender-blind. verb: massturbate. someone who massturbates: massturbator. someone who is taken to a massturbation against his/her will or someone who is new to massturbation: massturbatee.
Susie: "Where were you last night?"
Frank: "Attending the massturbation at the stadium."
by mecovili October 19, 2006
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Cult cultured fornication clit fascination that's become somewhat of a couture overture.
A huge public frenzy erupted over the alleged massturbation when it was over.
by Hercolena Oliver May 08, 2008
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