Reckess macho in public by idiotrumpers defying the CDC recommendation to wear masks in public.
Large groups of masklessness devotees were seen on the beach today
by euphemismo May 26, 2020
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adj. Idiotic. Uncaring. Uninterested in humanity or proper decotum.

Look at that maskless idiot cut into line! I could just scream.

Actually he’s wearing a mask.

I was using the term in the new, general, sense.
by gnostic3 July 5, 2020
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Maskless Reee is the most terrifying thing every made. Maskless Reee has the desigh of bacon on his head as hair, he wears a galaxy looking suit with a black circlear demon-ish thing on the back with the text saying "Happy 2022". He has a black and purple sword on his back aswell, he also wears black jeans. What makes Maskless Reee scary is because he is suppose to wear a man on his mouth over his nose. Maskless Reee will come under your bed if not slept before 4 am. When he comes he will tickle your feet then soon lick your feet and then pissing and shitting on your bed.
Maskless Reee fucking ate my chicken nuggets
by myPPis69km April 11, 2022
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