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Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo!! Masarusan

fearless leader of the Sexy Commando Club, (i.e. Mustache Club)

Within his thin slender build, rages a tsunami of untapped mental, spiritual and physical strength. His mastery of many forms of martial arts, lead him to the discovery of the ancient and beutiful art of Sexy Commando.

Masaru has many friends and followers, who obey his every whim, lest they feel the true power of his glowing eyes and the glory of his 'Charm Points'.
It was then that Fuumin realized, Masaru was ten times scarier than an alien.
by Sakket August 26, 2006
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Dad who can't control his children but is still best dad. Crazy boom boom father. Overall good dad boy, boy dad, papi boy, daddy's boy.
Fancy Boy: Look at those children running everywhere, they must have a Masaru.
Obnoxious Boy: Masaru's have very boom boom explodo kill children.
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by eggasm April 23, 2018
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