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hot af
good girl
very very beautiful

really nice


gets all the guys
smarter than einstein

cares for people
random guy: "daaaamn, is that maryjoe?"
random guy 2: "yeh boiiiii, she's hot af but she's taken."
random girl: "stop talking about her she has a boyfriend and will never ever date one of you."

random little kid in the conversation: "yeah boiiiiiiiiiiii!1!1!"
by penisarebig69 May 18, 2017
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A woman who combines strength with affection, sophistication with simplicity. Half woman half angel.
Hey Mary-Joe can u pass the ketchup.
by Aburour February 25, 2018
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Common name used for the substance marijuana. Often used in its full extent; Mary Joe Anna or in abreviated form; Mary J
You got any mary joe
by Brunel August 24, 2005
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a person that is very over exaggerated and constantly on weed.
bro that dude is such a mary-joe
by dippythekid April 25, 2017
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