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marlayna loves having fun she is a nice, caring girl and puts everybody before herself. she is shy and self concious if you dont know her but if you do she is wild and ferocious. marlayna is sexy and intelligent and pulls in all the guys
"whos that beautiful girl over there",
"oh thats marlayna".
by seriously123 August 05, 2011
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A girl that can get any guy. A girl that makes everyone jealous. Marlayna is very pretty and is an amazing athlete and can beat most people in any sport. She’s a hard worker and is very kind and sweet she also has a pretty big booty and it’s always poppin
by Icy weave snatcher January 03, 2018
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marlayna is so sexy she loves to get the boys. her ass is so fat and it is always poppin. marlayna loves to make all the other girls jealous just because of how much better she is then them and she likes when all the guys slap her ass!
mike: dang marlayna’s ass is so fat
luis: i know right i wanna slap that fatty
by Icy weave snatcher May 24, 2018
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This hoochie mama who drives a red jetta rocks abercrombie, likes the backstreet boys new song, thinks 2pac is alive, can roll a blunt in 10 seconds then forget where she put it, one of jessicas best friends
You: \"Where did i put my blunt?\"
Your Friend: \" You just pulled a marlayna\"
by J-Pac April 26, 2005
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