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A person who does and says very odd things at the right and wrong moments.
Speech usually consists of poorly phrased puns and dank memes.
Ha, a typical Markian comment.
Don't be such a markian!
by 3567884 March 23, 2017
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A great man that everybody likes and makes great jokes
I wish I was a Markian
by sdfghnmkl April 11, 2019
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A person that is generally obese. Markian's usually love the not so popular sports such as bowling, or wrestling. He loves football, and eating out his girlfriend. His name can sometimes be used in a sentence referring to someone that is a fat loser, even though Markian himself is not one.
"I ate so much I feel like Markian."
"Damn man, dont be like Markian"
by Hawrylyshyn June 12, 2018
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